Up to 3

Available volumes

Available packaging
Multipack (3-12 pcs)
We provide you great Ice cream, water ice and sorbet, up to 3 flavors each. With flexible choices relating to volumes and packaging.


The best things in life are simple. So are our coatings which are available. Coating with fruit sauce, chocolate or caramel. You can choose full, side or multiple layers of coating, like two chocolates and sauce interlayer.


If you look for an extra hit in your Ice cream, then our inclusions are just what you desired. Nuts, caramelized nuts, biscuits, fruits, pieces of cake, pieces of chocolate and many more options


We have fillings for you… This is how we make our ice creams even better. Sauce in ripples (fruit, chocolate, caramel, nuts) and combination of different texture of ice cream are also some ways.